What to pack first when moving

Dated: 05/23/2019

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Congratulations, for one reason or another you are moving.  Of course that also means you have to pack:(  No worries, I have a game plan for you to follow on where to start.  Now if you haven't read my previous blog or seen the video Packing to Move, that is where you want to start first then come back here.

The first place you want to start is in the storage areas of your home .  Think garage, attic, basement and sheds. There are two reasons for this.  First they take the longest to pack up so you don't want to leave them to the last minute and secondly,  they take the longest because we tend to store stuff and totally forget how much stuff we actually have.  Now if you are lucky enough to have a garage, packing that up is key because now you have a place to store the rest of the boxes that you will be packing up in the near future.

Next place to start is with any items that you have duplicates of.  Think of how many sets up dishes do you have?  Things of that nature.  We have 4 sets and I cannot tell you how many mason jars and coffee mugs.  If we were moving, (we are family of 4) I would only leave one item per person.   Also when packing your extra glasses and dishes use items like your dish towels to wrap them up in. What items to do you use occasionally? Think entertaining items. seasonal clothing and sporting goods. Pack all of these items.  Outdoor furniture, garden supplies and urns.  For some reason these items always get overlooked or left to the last minute and then you are stuck with how to transport them.  You end up either jamming them in the moving van or your car and when you do this things are bound to get lost or broken.  

Next start with home decor items, art work, photo albums, you know the collectibles.  Just make sure you read my previous blog or watch the video Packing to Move which shows you supplies needed in order to start packing.  Next you want to pack a suitcase for each family member with around 3 days worth of clothes.  Make sure to include toiletries and medications as well as a towel and set of sheets, blankets and pillows for each family member.  Moving is exhausting so be prepared to get some new sleep at the new house.  You didn't pack in a day and you sure aren't unpacking in a day or two or three!   Don't forget about your furry friends.  Make sure you have their items handy and pack those in your car.

I would pack the laundry room last but that might just be my personal preference.  I like to move only clean items, I don't want to be moving dirty laundry, at least not a lot of it.

Now you should be living the bare essentials.  Everyone has one fork, one knife, one dish....you get what I am saying?    A few days to a week before moving everything should be packed up but furniture and a few essential clothes.

A few tips:  

Roll your clothes do not fold.  You can fit so much more when your roll, towels and sheets too.

Leave your clothes on the hanger.  Rubber band the hangers together and slip a garbage bag over them.

Pack heavy items like books in rolling suitcases if you have them.

Label Everything, read my blog Packing to Move for a system for that.

Being organized will save you a lot of time and aggravation in the end.  Happy moving and good luck:)

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